Evaluating the Experience of Older Adults With Your Service? Try the Provincial Older Adult Experience Survey.

Ensuring that the services we develop meet the needs of and create good experiences for older adults is a central concern in health service design. The Older Adult Experience Survey (OAES), developed by PGLO’s Provincial Performance Measurement Committee, provides a valid and standardized way to collect experience data from older adults who use geriatric health care services.

Described in an article published this week online, the survey tool and implementation guide are available here on PGLO website. “This tool provides a validated means to measure and better understand the experience of older adults accessing specialized geriatric services” said Kelly Kay, Executive Director, PGLO.¬† Kay notes, “we are thrilled that the authors, all expert members of Ontario’s specialized geriatric services, have created this open access survey along with patients and caregivers. It is truly a co-designed tool that, in turn, supports the co-design of health care services for older adults”.

The tool and implementation guide can be downloaded from this site – see the Related Resources section. To learn more about the Performance Measurement and Evaluation work of the PGLO, follow the link in the Related Initiatives area.

To view the article in the Canadian Geriatrics Journal, click here