PGLO represents and convenes a provincial network that plans, designs and delivers clinical geriatric services and seniors’ mental health services, called Specialized Geriatric Services (SGS). SGS are coordinated by regional partners that are called Regional Geriatric Programs (RGPs) or Regional Specialized Geriatric Services (RSGS). Regional infrastructure operates under various names (see below) and is hosted by a local organizational partner that supports their regional outlook. All RGPs and SGS entities provide strategic and operational leadership for the implementation of clinical geriatric services region-wide, and work with local community and health partners to:

  • Advance and advocate for integrated care for older adults in collaboration with networks and partners (including Ontario Health Teams)
  • Coordinate and deliver clinical specialized geriatric services (e.g. care of the elderly, geriatric medicine, seniors’ mental health, interprofessional geriatric teams)
  • Research, create and translate knowledge and subject matter expertise for clinicians, older adults, care partners and policy-makers
  • Collaborate in the research, development, validation and implementation of clinical tools, resources, models and approaches to care (clinical service design)
  • Coach, mentor, teach and train through academic and community linkages (capacity building)
  • Contribute to the development, implementation, analysis and interpretation of indicators and evaluation activities relevant to older adults (performance management)
  • Coordinate initiatives and communication across local, regional, and provincial levels
  • Link those delivering care to older adults in any setting with resources to support practice and excellence
  • Study supply, utilization and health human resource planning issues (capacity planning)
  • Provide region-wide implementation support for provincial geriatric-related guidelines and policy (older adult health care policy)

For a detailed description of the role of Regional Geriatric Programs and Specialized Geriatric Services Entities click here