Caregiving Strategy

Staying Active

A group of seniors use bands to stretch while sitting

Staying active is one of the best ways to ensure a person can continue their routine activities and be independent.

In the Staying Active: Mobility and Fall Prevention Chapter we explore the following topics:

  • Different levels of mobility.
  • Setting goals for healthy activity.
  • Strategies for safe mobility and preventing falls.
  • A plan for what to do if the person you care for has fallen.
  • Helpful tips for communicating with health care professionals.
  • Where to access additional supports when you need them.

Common Terms

Throughout the Staying Active Chapter, we’ll explore the following terms:

Mobility The ability to move your body.
Mobilization The act of moving your body to the best of your ability.
Fall A descent from a high position to a lower position, that a person has no control of.

Resources to Support Someone to Stay Active

  • Sit to Stand Transfer is a guided video to teach a caregiver to help a person move from sitting to standing.

    Watch the Sit to Stand Transfer Video
  • The Staying Active: Mobility and Fall Prevention Chapter lists additional information, tips, and resources on how to find additional support and communicate with health care professionals.

    Download the Staying Active Chapter

Next Steps

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