Caregiving Strategy

About the Caregiving Strategies Online Course

Caregiving Strategies is a free online course offered by Provincial Geriatrics Leadership Ontario (PGLO)

The course focuses on improving your skills, knowledge, and confidence as a family member or friend caring for a person living with frailty. 

The goal of this course is for you to learn about and develop personalized strategies that you can apply to your caregiving.

Who is the Caregiving Strategies course for?

The Caregiving Strategies course is for all caregivers (family members, friends, spouses, community members) who provide care and support for a senior living with frailty. This course will guide you on a learning journey to gain knowledge, practical strategies, and confidence.

What will you learn in the course? 

This free course offers diverse learning materials, relevant readings, videos, engaging activities, and opportunities to connect with other caregivers through online discussion groups. 

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Access resources that meet your caregiving needs related to the topics.
  • Develop confidence in your approach and skills as a caregiver, for both the present and future needs of the person in your care.

What are caregivers saying about this course?

Here are a few examples of what caregivers have told us after taking the Caregiving Strategies online course:

  • There is no question that I feel like a better caregiver now that I’ve taken this course.”  
  • “I felt supported by the online community from the participants in this course.”
  • The course materials were all excellent reminder of all the different facets that go into caregiving.” 
  • “I really enjoyed this course. I found it very helpful. I now feel comfortable knowing that there are a lot of resources that I can refer to if needed.”  
  • “This course has been full of wonderful resources!”   

How long is the course? 

Caregiving Strategies is an eight-week course that should take approximately 7.5 hours total to complete. If you are participating in a facilitated course, your facilitator might recommend a different sequence and timing.

Each module should take you about one hour to complete. While you are encouraged to work at your own pace, aim to complete one or two modules per week.

Is the course always open for registration?

The Self Paced Online is always open and accessible from the link above (or to the right).

Occasionally, we offer a modified course with partners. These partners are identified in the course title and registration with the partners is also required. Partner course usually begin and end on predetermined dates.

Who is facilitating the course?

Our Self Paced Course is not facilitated.

When we offer our course with partners, the online course is facilitated by selected experts from across Ontario. These experts could be nurses, geriatric specialists, counsellors, or caregivers with previous experience with online course moderation. The course outline is sent to you after you register and this includes all the details about your facilitator.

Next Steps

If you’re not ready to commit to the course right now, you can sign-up below to receive updates from PGLO. If you need assistance to register, please contact