Caregiving Strategy

Social Engagement

Five seniors put their hands together in solidarity

As a caregiver, you may be responsible for planning and preparing social outings and appointments. Depending on a person’s level of frailty, you may be one of the only people they socialize with.

The Social Engagement Chapter explores the following topics:

  • How to manage social outing and appointments.
  • Risk factors for social isolation.
  • Questions to ask the person you care for about their social interactions.
  • When to seek immediate help for the person you care for.
  • Common signs and symptoms of depression.
  • How to support healthy social engagement.
  • Myths about social engagement.
  • Tips to talk with a health care provider about social engagement.
  • Where to find additional support for yourself or the person you care for.

Common Terms

Throughout the Social Engagement Chapter, we’ll explore the following terms:

Social Engagement When a person is involved in meaningful activities with others and is maintaining close, fulfilling relationships.
Social Isolation When a person has very rare contact with others.
Loneliness A feeling that results from wanting to be connected to other people but those people and connections are not there.
Depression The result of feeling sad on a daily basis for two weeks or more. Depression causes a person to feel helpless, hopeless, and perhaps like a burden to others.

Resources to Support Social Engagement

  • Three-Item Loneliness Scale is a screening tool to see if the person you are caring for is experiencing loneliness. Discuss each of the questions with the person you care for and circle the appropriate score. Anything over a score of six should be discussed with a health care professional.

    Download the Three-Item Loneliness Scale
  • The Social Engagement Chapter lists additional information, tips, and resources on how to find additional support and communicate with health care professionals.

    Download the Social Engagement Chapter

Next Steps

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