An Environmental Scan of Older Adult Fall Prevention Indicators

The Ontario Fall Prevention Collaborative – Data and Measurement Working Group’s aim is to develop an inventory of indicators (both population level and programmatic) for fall prevention to be used as a reference across the continuum of care. In addition, the group will develop an inventory of existing data sources to populate these indicators. With this resource, practitioners across Ontario can systematically reference a common set of indicators, providing the ability to compare across sectors (e.g., primary care, home and community care, public health) and across program type (e.g., education, awareness, injury reduction). This information can support future program and policy development at a system level as it relates to fall prevention.

This environmental scan identified existing national, provincial and international reports, data sources and other relevant documents that provide types of measures (i.e., indicators) related to the risk factors for falls across the continuum of care. Audit/screening tools were also included to enhance the understanding of indicators reporting on the availability and implementation of falls risk screening assessments and documentation