More than 1.1 million Ontario older adults may be living with frailty by 2040

PGLO has updated their publication “Frailty Estimates by Census Division and Ontario Health Regions” which is now posted at These estimates have been updated using 2021 census data. Frailty prevalence estimates may facilitate a better understanding of the need for services that can respond to the specific requirements of older adults living with frailty and may be used in connection with data from PGLO’s Specialized and Focused Geriatric Services Asset Inventory to compare anticipated need against current supply and utilization. Support for the design of services to meet anticipated needs can also be found in our report titled Designing Integrated Care for Older Adults Living with Complex and Chronic Health Needs and its associated design implementation rubric.

The number of people aged 65+ in Ontario estimated to be living with frailty (2021) is 644,000, a number anticipated to grow to more than 1.1 million older Ontarians by 2040.