Mapping of Geriatric Services Makes Partnering in the Care of Older Adults Living with Complex Health Conditions Easier

May 13, 2021

The 2021 edition of the Specialized and Focused Geriatric Programs and Services map, released today by Provincial Geriatrics Leadership Ontario, can help older adults and caregivers connect to services, and emerging Ontario Health Teams connect to clinical geriatric supports. “Older adults and health professionals have told us that it is difficult to locate specialized and focused clinical geriatric services. These services are focused intentionally on delivering care to older individuals who live with multiple and often interacting complex and chronic health conditions,” said Kelly Kay, Executive Director of PGLO, and the map’s developer. “This new resource can help make these connections easier,” noted Kay.

Building on the collaboration of hundreds of programs and services across Ontario who contribute data annually to the Provincial Specialized and Focused Geriatric Asset Mapping Initiative, which is funded by the Ministry of Health and led by PGLO, the map displays all current data by address, health region, and one of 26 different service types. While useful for older adults and caregivers, the map is also helpful for supporting the planning of Ontario Health Teams, new entities that integrate health and social services locally. “Many new Ontario Health Teams have identified a focus on older adults living with complexity (also called frailty). This map and other resources developed by PGLO and its network of regional partners, can help OHTs develop and deliver expert and evidence informed care to the older adults in their community,” said Adam Morrison, Director, Policy & Planning, with PGLO. “Connecting to existing services and experience is key to avoiding duplication and can ensure we don’t waste scarce resources re-inventing the wheel,” Morrison emphasized.

The map of Ontario’s Specialized and Focused Geriatric Services is located at . Programs and services who deliver specialized or focused geriatric care who are not shown on the map, particularly programs intentionally designed using Senior Friendly Care approaches with staff specifically trained in care of the older patient, are invited to participate in the annual Provincial Asset Mapping initiative. In addition to mapping services, this initiative produces dashboards and reports that support planning for health and social care services to meet the needs of Ontario’s growing older population. “We know there are still some programs out there doing terrific work that we haven’t yet discovered,” noted Kay. She added, “We encourage every relevant program to participate, so that our province can have a full picture of our current supply and understand what we truly need to enable older people to remain living at home as they age.”

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