Response Guide – Ontario Health 2023-2024 Expanding and Enhancing IPCs

On May 18, 2023, Ontario Health launched an Expression of Interest (EOI) to expand existing interprofessional care (IPC) teams and/or create up to 18 new teams in communities with the greatest need. 

These multidisciplinary teams are intended to: 

  • provide direct care to vulnerable and marginalized people; 
  • provide direct care to those without a family doctor; 
  • help patients avoid having to visit emergency rooms and experience long wait times; and 
  • increasing preventive care and screening procedures. 

For those applicants seeking to use this opportunity to expand services to older adults, Provincial Geriatrics Leadership Ontario has created a Response Guide. This Response Guide provides content to aid in the completion of the EOI template, with specific reference to information pertinent to the care of older adults. Applicants interested in focusing on addressing the needs of older adults in their community may find the information can support the completion of their application. Please note: completed EOIs are due to Ontario Health by 5 pm on June 16, 2023. For information about the EOI process, please consult Ontario Health directly. 

The Response Guide can be downloaded by clicking the button below. Additional support is available through Provincial Geriatrics Leadership Ontario. 


Kelly Kay, Executive Director, 

Adam Morrison, Director, Policy & Planning,