PGLO Launches Consultation for 2021-22 Workplan

December 22, 2020

Today marks the launch of consultations intended to support the collaborative development of the work plan for the Provincial Geriatrics Leadership Office (PGLO) for the next fiscal year. In 2020, the Provincial Geriatrics Leadership Office (PGLO), an entity funded by the Ministry of Health (MOH), began in earnest to build the provincial infrastructure for clinical geriatrics care.

Throughout the year, despite the ongoing pandemic, the PGLO focused on coordinating perspectives across clinical geriatric services (Care of the Elderly, Geriatric Medicine, Geriatric Psychiatry/Seniors Mental Health and Interprofessional Geriatric Teams) in order to improve the care for older adults across the continuum of care.

Taking direction from both the MOH and the clinical community, the PGLO pursued an ambitious strategic plan. “The team and our colleagues have made progress in the past year, acting on the direction the geriatrics community gave, despite the many challenges facing older adults, caregivers and clinicians during the pandemic” noted Kelly Kay, Executive Director. “As 2020 ends, and we look ahead to the new fiscal year, we are returning to our colleagues and partners for their advice about the priorities they envision for a provincial entity focused on health services for older persons’ living with complex and chronic health concerns” said Kay. A short (9 min) video explaining the results of prior consultation and emerging priorities can be found here. You can also download the presentation slides.

Older adults, caregivers, clinicians working in specialized geriatric services, administrators, policy-makers and other are invited to offer feedback to the PGLO, to help shape a work plan for 2021-22 that is focused on what matters most.

To share your feedback, please complete a short survey  or send an email to