April 2024


This module has provided you with some strategies to support medication management. You have learned about a few key strategies to making medication management easier and safer, you also reviewed tips and tricks related to what to do if the person you care for says “no” to taking their medications, and you also reviewed tips on how to communicate with health care professionals. Now you can develop your own personalized strategies to manage medications and begin to find the support you need.

Activity 5.5

Talk with Others

Discuss with the group: Share any strategies that you currently use that help you manage many medications at once. Do you have any that work really well for you? Perhaps you have some strategies in mind that you will try as a result of what you learned in this module? Share with others and start a conversation!

What’s Next?

Sometimes certain medications can cause a person to think and feel differently. In addition to medications, there are many different causes as to why a person may experience changes in their thinking and behaviour, and it is important for caregivers to be aware of what delirium is and what to do about it. As you move into the next module, which explores changes in thinking and behaviour (delirium), you are encouraged to remember how the topics of this course are linked and reflect on how your recent learning fits into your caregiving plan.

Module Feedback

Complete the Module 5 Experience Survey.


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