July 2024


“I am so grateful to have this resource and new knowledge. If I only had this information earlier in my caregiving, things would have been different for me.”
– A caregiver from Ottawa, ON


Welcome to the final module of the course! This course addressed the growing need for educational support for caregivers.

It is now time to pull everything you have learned together and also take a moment to evaluate the course. Pulling it all together is like baking a cake. Just imagine, you start off with ingredients like flour, eggs, milk and sugar and in the end, you have something entirely new – a cake!  The hope for this course is that, to some extent, this has been your experience. You started the course with a particular need, or problem to solve – or maybe you saw the role of caregiver being part of your near future. Whatever motivated you to join the course, we hope that you have learned from it and that it has helped you add new ideas and new strategies to what you already knew. Perhaps you now have more ingredients to make a cake – or maybe you have the end product! Before you leave the course, it’s very important to take a few minutes and really reflect on what’s been most important to you during this learning journey.Learning Outcomes

By the end of this module you will be able to:

  • articulate a clear strategy to improve your caregiving for one or more topics presented in the course
  • use your module reflections as your caregiving log and see how it is a useful tool for your present and future caregiving