Updated: 2019-2023 Specialized and Focused Geriatric Services Asset Inventory

Provincial Geriatrics collects comprehensive data related to specialized geriatric programs and services in the province of Ontario at request of the Ministry of Health. Specialized Geriatric Services (SGS) are defined as comprehensive, coordinated health services that assess, diagnose, and treat older adults living with complex health and social conditions. These services are provided across the continuum of care by interprofessional teams with expertise in the care of older adults living with complex health conditions such as frailty and dementia.

Data collection includes geriatric medicine, seniors mental health programs, as well as Ontario Health Teams and Primary Care Networks who have implemented programming focused on older adults living with complex health conditions.  This range of data helps to provide a fulsome picture of supports for this population and is reflect in the updated name for this initiative: The Specialized and Focused Geriatric Services Asset Inventory.

The Provincial Specialized and Focused Geriatric Services Asset Inventory informs a current state view of the supply and utilization of health services designed for older people living with complex health conditions. Data is collected directly from programs and services via a secure customized web portal designed in collaboration with, and maintained by, Health Sciences North.

The data collected is used to produce maps and reports that:

  • Enable the public and others to locate geriatric services in their community
  • Contribute to capacity planning by identifying the current supply and utilization of geriatric services
  • Support the spread of effective clinical models
  • Inform management decision making and health system design

As of 2022/23, more than 1670 health professionals with specific training in geriatric care were reported to be working in approximately 328 dedicated geriatric programs in Ontario. These programs served nearly 120,000 patients, providing roughly 592,000 visits.

The data picture presented in this report reflects the only data initiative focused solely on geriatric clinical services in the province. To download the interactive report, click the button below,

Data note: This report includes data collected up to April 1, 2024 for the fiscal years 2019-20, 2020-21, 2021-22 and 2022-23.